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We took into consideration the Common Core Standards, as well as mandated standards for Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia, Alaska, Nebraska, Indiana and South Carolina before creating this show. The Kool School with Mister Josh™ has one goal for teachers: to serve as an OER (Online Educational Resource) and teaching tool to your daily content. Each school year, 81 episodes will be produced – 13 new episodes per content area (Math, English, History, Social Studies, Health, Career Exploration) will appear on our site bi-weekly.

Teachers can incorporate The Kool School with Mister Josh™ into their lesson plans. Adding our six-to-ten minute episodes can serve as a blended learning teaching tool, allowing you to entertain your students across multiple subjects. The Kool School with Mister Josh™ is a one-stop-shop to diversifying your educational needs, so start incorporating it into the fabric of your pedagogy today!

If you’d like to see videos made for specific lessons you’re teaching, please let us know by contacting us. If we produce an episode based on your suggestion, you’ll be credited on the episode!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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    What Schools Are Saying

  • “As a parent of three children, I truly appreciate the valuable learning experience The Kool School with Mister Josh provides. With all of the educational resources to choose from, it is so refreshing to find an educational show that incorporates learning with fun! The Kool School with Mister Josh takes learning to a whole new level with creative ways of engaging students across multiple grades and disciplines. Students of all ages and learning styles will be inspired with the wide array of topics and careers Mister Josh introduces in each episode. I highly recommend The Kool School with Mister Josh show to any parent, or teacher, of elementary age students.”

    Jenny Hughes CTE Outreach Specialist Coordinator, San Bernadino County, CA
  • “I LOVE these lessons!! Super entertaining and cute (especially when Mister Josh dances… lol). The Kool School (with Mister Josh) encompasses the direction education’s heading and I’m glad to see a new creative approach to teaching our children.”

    Lori Benson San Bernadino County Office of Education, CA