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Teaching videos are widely utilized as supplemental tools by teachers and parents. The Kool School with Mister Josh™ provides a one-stop shop to your child’s educational entertainment needs across multiple disciplines. Our standards based, educational resources are available at no cost to children everywhere.

Parents, we encourage you to join your child in the spirit of learning by revisiting Math, English, History, Social Studies and Health lessons you learned as a child. We also offer a “Career Exploration” series so your kids so may begin discovering the many career pathways that will offered to them as they mature.

The Kool School with Mister Josh™ is an enjoyable way for your child to stay immersed in learning year-around.  Feel free to watch our standards based, edutainment episodes as often as you’d like. We’ll be making 81 episodes per school year to keep you and your child refreshed and engaged in learning!

Please contact us to leave comments and suggestions on lessons you’d like to see on The Kool School with Mister Josh™.

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    What Parents Are Saying

  • My 5th grader is diagnosed with ADHD and categorized as “a slow learner.” She’s found joy in homeschooling and I’ve incorporated The Kool School with Mister Josh into her core subjects.  She loves watching these episodes!  They’re funny, filled with valuable information and catches the attention of a child who otherwise doesn’t find joy in learning Math and English.  I’m grateful for this new platform.

    Notiosha D’Addabbo Mesa, AZ